Note: We have relocated to Odisha from April 2016 as per client demand and business requirement. There will be no changes to our consultants working at our client premises.


Data Notic International, This Company set up in April of 2005 and registered with Government Of Tamil Nadu by section 58 (1) of the Indian Partnership act.1932 by Mr. Himansu Kumar , having more than 5 years of experience in the field of Hardware & Networking, Man Power Recruitment, Data Conversion, Data Entry, Call Center etc. Now, this company has privilege to introduce it selves as a growing data management company doing jobs like form filling, data conversion, data entry, scanning of documents, conversion of PDF/JPEG/TIFF/BMP files into DOC files, e-Pub conversion, XML/HTML, manpower consultancy and training of staff for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) etc., for a reputed company like yours under the Division name & style of “Data Notic International”. Our basic motive is to provide “Prompt Solutions to Right Person at Right Place in Right Time for Right Work” in the most apropos business solutions to clients that enables them to enjoy a competitive edge over the competing business, and this company, continues to focus on strategic planning for the business, which provides solutions to domestic and globally corporate.

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